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Revived Natural Beauty and Range of Play

Bunker Renovation Project

The Hill Country Golf Club has undergone a complete bunker renovation that was completed mid-February. Fleetwood Services of Dallas, Texas executed the bunker renovation using the patented, three-step Better Billy Bunker Construction Method. The Better Billy Bunker Method was developed in 1981 by former Augusta National Golf Club superintendent, Billy Fuller, to eliminate geo-textiles (fabric liners) from bunker construction and uses a patented method which makes it the most durable and fastest draining bunker method on the market.The first step in the bunker re-construction process is to remove the previous bunker sand and drainage materials to prepare a clean surface for local rock installation. Next, new Advanced Drainage Systems piping is installed, allowing for more effective and efficient water drainage. Lastly, the floor of the newly constructed bunkers are lined with a two-inch layer of drainage gravel. The gravel is sprayed with a liquid, patented liner and covered with four inches of compacted USGA specification bunker sand. The new bunkers and high quality sand allow for improved playability and consistency throughout our 27-hole San Antonio golf course.

New Club Car Fleet

The Hill Country Golf Club is proud to announce that a brand new fleet of Club Car Golf Carts has arrived! The new golf cart model, the Precedent i3 Golf Cart, is the latest in the Club Car line and will provide a greatly enhanced on-course experience. Some upgrades on the new carts include improved golf bag rain covers, additional storage space on the underside of the roof and a USB port that will enable you to charge your electrical devices during your round. The new carts will also be equipped with the easy-to-use touch screen, Visage System, which will give you a wealth of information to make your round more enjoyable: hole-by-hole flyovers, 3D graphics, yardage, distances and course diagrams. It will even let you email your scores after the round and order food from Cactus Oak Tavern for pick-up.

Check out the full renovation details HERE.

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