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Family Express Golf

Do you want to learn to play golf, but are not sure about playing a regulation course?  Well you are in luck, because the Hill Country Golf Club is proud to offer our family-friendly golf program called “Family Express Golf”.  The philosophy is to encourage beginners, and nurture families with children to learn the game of golf in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for a lifelong love of the sport. 

You and your family will have the opportunity to play the Lakes, Creeks and Oaks nines from our Hill Country Family Express Tees.  The “Express Tees” are located at a shortened distance that make golf more fun by providing achievable distances, pars and handicaps.  The Family Express Course allows for all family members, regardless of abilities, to play together. 

The course includes a unique scorecard with realistic pars to help build confidence for new players. Starter equipment is available for junior golfers still working on hand-eye coordination including rubber, tennis or golf balls for young children. “Cut-Offs” are adult clubs that have simply been shortened resulting in a heavy head relative to shaft length. The Hill Country Golf Club uses US Kids clubs specifically designed for new or younger golfers.

You won’t need to worry about knowing all of the rules, as they do not necessarily apply to Family Express Golf.  We only have one rule, and that is to have fun!


Family Express Golf Rates

$69 for two players and $20 for every additional player

Family Express Golf includes rental clubs and golf balls

*Pricing is the same for both adults and juniors

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 9800 Hyatt Resort Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78251

Call Us Today:
 (210) 520-4040