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Creeks Course Hole Description

  • Hole 1

    Hole 1

    421 yard Par 4

    From the tee, this Par 4 visually sweeps the golfer down the entire hole. The tee shot is drawn to a generous landing area with the second shot to a hillside green framed by mature trees.
  • Hole 2

    Hole 2

    344 yards, Par 4

    This short par 4 has a slight dogleg to the right and has the prevailing wind blowing in your face. This hole is well protected on the right by dense trees that force you to deal with the fairway bunker on the left.
  • Hole 3

    Hole 3

    222 yards, Par 3

    The green on this par 3, appears to be surrounded by bunkers, while it actually offers a forgiving approach thanks to hidden fairway lows. Run-up shots and easy recoveries will be frequent here.
  • Hole 4

    Hole 4

    538 yards, Par 5

    This par 5 doglegs left downhill and the mounding on the right side tends to guide a stray tee shot back to the fairway and away from the dry creek bed that runs down the right side of this hole. A carefully placed second shot between the lake and the native rough sets up a short shot to the green. The green is protected on the left by a large bunker and in front by the lake.
  • Hole 5

    Hole 5

    472 yards, Par 4

    This long, slight right-to-left dogleg begins through a chute under lofty treetops and continues over a low marsh area to a raised fairway that is blind. The fairway slopes left-to-right into a dry creek bed, the fairway bunker on the left is a target bunker. The green rests in a pocket of dense trees.
  • Hole 6

    Hole 6

    301 yards, Par 4

    A pushed tee shot into the trees on this short hole means real trouble and the trees on the right will block your view of the green. Most players will endeavor to place the tee shot on the left side of the fairway with a fairway wood or long-iron avoiding the fairway bunker. An accurate shortiron second shot is needed to reach the shallow elevated green.
  • Hole 7

    Hole 7

    397 yards, Par 4

    This sweeping, right-to-left par 4 is a challenge to all skill levels. The oaks in the middle of the fairway represent the turn in the fairway. If short of the oak trees, you are faced with a very challenging shot to this well protected green.
  • Hole 8

    Hole 8

    180 yards, Par 3

    This picturesque par-3 nestled in the dense woods has an elevated tee box to a well-bunkered green. There are three bunkers in the front of the green that are deep and penalizing.
  • Hole 9

    Hole 9

    554 yards, Par 5

    This second Par 5, at 554 yards, is another memorable hole. The tee shot is played from a high plateau and gets a favorable kick from the down-slope toward the green. But the second shot requires a bit more care to cross a wide swale to the side slope fronting the green. The approach shot to the huge, rambling double green, must be executed with precision. Though the  putting surface itself is enormous, the green is closely guarded in front by a small lake and on the left by deep traps.
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